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Acne Types and How to Treat Them


Inflammation of the sebaceous (oil) glands is known as acne. Sebaceous glands are connected to hair follicles in the skin. At first, there is excessive sebum production due to the action of androgen, which is a hormone produced in both females and males.


Ulcers MedFog

Break of the continuity of the epithelium tissue is known as an ulcer. Based on the ulcer’s edge, ulcers are categorized into different types.

What is Hemosiderin staining – How to get rid of Hemosiderin Staining

Leg - Hemosiderin staining

Due to some circumstances, cells may accumulate abnormal amounts of various substances. Those accumulations can be harmless or it can cause varying degrees of injuries. When an excessive amount of hemoglobin is stored as hemosiderin inside the cells, Hemosiderin staining occurs. It is one branch of Intracellular accumulations. So, in order to understand Hemosiderin staining, we need to look at the Intracellular accumulations.